Thursday, 29 September 2011

Affordances cont.

This week we continued expanding our knowledge around more things that come under affordances and how they fit in when analysing my activity.
The next three headings are; aesthetics, memories/ history, and physical.
(a few key words) the way it looks, attractions, express sense of beauty. The attractions for myself when I'm playing poker would be the eagerness to win, the challenge, trying my luck and its something that I can do to de-stress. The beauty of poker is the happy and bright faces on the people who have good cards, the togetherness we feel once we have finished playing, the laughter involved and the awesome feeling when you win.

Memories/ History:
As stated in my first post regarding poker, poker has been played in my family for many years. Playing the game reminds me of all the years I spent watching the other members of my family play, and wishing I could play. In the future playing it will also remind me of playing it with my flat mates in this flat. All my memories around this activity are positive, even though I have lost my fair share of games...

includes things such as stretching arms to put cards down on table, raising hands when you have won a round, dealing the cards, flicking your finger against chips to push into the middle, running to get food so that people don't cheat and look at your cards, tapping your foot in suspense, clapping for those who won at the end.

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