Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Last Engagement in Poker

My Story:
The suspense of the start of the rugby game between the all blacks and Canada almost drew my flatmates and I bonkers. We needed something to do. Alix shouts "I know, lets play poker!" (communication) What a brilliant idea I thought. It took about 5 minutes for us to remember where we had left the poker set, finally, we found it, in the cabinet where it always is! We cleared the coffee table to enable plenty of space for us to set up (ergonomics). I watched as Alix took on the leader role, handing out the poker chips and cards. We decided to get less chips so that the game didn't go on too long (ergonomics). We wanted to watch the game after all. I watched as each player picked up their cards, wondering what was going on in the two little cards upon their hands. I could see in some, little butterflies flying around in happiness (connections), in others- straight disappointment. I was one of those people. The game started to roll out, everyone having a turn at winning a round. I noticed that the predominant conversations were about winning, so and so cheating (communications) and the rugby we were so desperately waiting for (connections). I could feel the heat rise up as I lay my $1000 chip on the table. If i lose this round, i'm screwed for the rest of the game! Pete won. I suddenly felt a change in my mood. I went from energetic and excited to completely bored and wanting to get out. That shows my competetive "have to win" attitude (spirituality). I decided to go all in just so I didn't have to play anymore. Thankfully I lost. Time for a drink I thought whilst I watched the others churn in pain! (physical) Not wanting to lose. Claire won that day.

Practical Considerations:
Pack of cards (or two)
Poker chips
Table / flat surface to play on
Rules and Guidelines
Chips and Dip!

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